My Story

Hello everybody, this is Julie and me along with my cousin Margaret made out this blogging site.

Fitness and Health Blogs are overrated these days, and the best part is that no one sticks around the website for a longer time. People want something new, easier, and fresh.

No offence, you got to demand all that!

So, what is our purpose? What’s the website all about?

Since people have already taken the content for granted, we were planning out to do something different.

You are already familiar with the concept of video and audio broadcasting on websites – better known as podcasts or the vodcasts! HasanTalk will share out to you health tips and the small changes that you can make for the wholesome living. Everything in the form of Podcasts!

It’s always difficult at the start, but the result is going to be super cool and happy! Shall we get started?

By yours truly,

Julie J Isakson & Margaret C Hartman