5 of the Most Dangerous Foods in the World

Not all the food that you see are healthy and safe. I repeat – not all the food are safe. If you are in a new city and going to have a food item for the first item – I would say Google it first, and then eat.

Most Dangerous Foods in the World

The Most Dangerous Foods in the World

When I searched about the dangerous foods in the world, I found a lot of them belong to the sea food category. So peeps, if you are planning your next vacation in Japan or anywhere, just be aware of what is going inside your stomach.

The following 5 foods are the deadliest of all the ones! Let’s find them out.

Sannakji – Korean Octopus

When you go towards the South Korea side, you may find a food named Sannakji – it’s a dead octopus referred to as a baby octopus. While it’s not a baby, but a smaller species.

Casu Marzu Cheese

Also, called as the Putrid Cheese which is found in the beautiful Italian Island of Sardinia. Why is the cheese dangerous? Because the cheese contains live maggots which are one form of fly larvae!

Ackee Fruit

This fruits is commonly consumed by the people of Jamaica, and it’s also native to West Africa. But the sale of the whole fruit is banned in U.S. Reason – the fruit if it’s not perfectly ripen, then it’s an poisonous thing. The unripened version contains high amount of hypoglycin.

Fugu (Pufferfish)

Yet another deadly food item which is banned in U.S. If it’s not cooked rightly, it can turn about 1200 times more harmful than the cyanide.

Alfalfa Sprouts

Raw sprouts can kind of dangerous for the body. So avoid it. Now alfalfa sprouts, especially in their raw state is the best favourable place for the bacteria to grow.

So, these are 5 Most Dangerous things you could ever eat comparing all the Foods in the World. Just one nutrition advice– try to consume less raw vegetables. Anything in the raw form can be dangerous like green potatoes, green almonds etc.